We use architecture to build community
and create spaces that bring people together

Prioritising your community’s needs always comes first.


Community projects must work extra hard and be adaptable to changing use. Whether it’s accommodating classes for different activities and groups, hosting large events or small gatherings, spaces need to serve multiple purposes to ensure operational efficiency and viability. It’s a non-negotiable.


Our co-founders, Matt and Tom, have led social architecture projects for both public and private sector organisations, laying the foundation for establishing Extended Studio. We have been in your shoes and understand your perspective first-hand.


We understand that everything you do is a delicate balancing act, yet ultimately a highly rewarding one.


That’s precisely why you do it. And it’s also why we do it.


Whilst we’ll guide you through the design process, help you balance budget and risks, and stay on schedule, we recognise that the initial hurdle often involves taking the first step.


It can feel uncertain and resource-intensive to secure fundings, get stakeholders’ agreements, and find a design team that comprehends community needs.


This is where we come in to support you. Let us work together to transform communities far and wide.

Matt Chan
Matt Chan, Co-founder & director
Tom Sykes
Tom Sykes, Co-founder & director

Matt is skilled at asking the right questions. He gets to the heart of an issue, finds solutions in unexpected places, and keeps projects moving forwards.


With almost two decades of experience in designing and project managing buildings, exhibitions, and community spaces, Matt consistently finds ways to bring together communities and their narratives.


His extensive background, including senior client-side roles and apprenticeships in various trades, has instilled in him the value of integrating diverse skill sets. Together with Tom, they founded Extended Studio to promote collaborative architectural design firmly grounded in a community of skills.


Today, Matt’s driven to leverage his sensitivity and experience to help others build inclusive and welcoming spaces that support their communities.

Tom inspires people to understand design. He brings it to life by showing its immense value, its lasting impact, and the legacy it can leave on a project.


Throughout his career, Tom has always designed buildings and strategies with a deep sensitivity to how individuals inhabit spaces. Always putting people at the forefront, he is skilled at transforming aspirations into tangible realities.


Drawing from his leadership positions on both the client and architect sides, Tom has a comprehensive understanding of development and design. Together with Matt, Extended Studio combines these diverse experiences, balancing strategic thinking and meticulous attention to detail within a collaborative setting.


Today, Tom’s passion is centred on communities and exploring how good thoughtful design, spanning architecture and systems, can profoundly support them.

Working with you

Let’s chat about your new projects, creative opportunities and how we can help you. Email us on studio@extendedstudio.com