Our approach

Our designs are community-led

We have built a resource of the ways that architecture can go beyond buildings to support community at every scale – from the dining table to a new masterplan.

Community and nature with the RSBP – link
Community and housing in Islington – link

We (genuinely) engage with communities

Our range of engagement tools have been developed to empower communities, ensure inclusivity and support the delivery of your projects.

Co-creation of a masterplan at Tablehurst – link
Co-production and community takeover at Jewish Museum London

We make complex processes straightforward

With our background in commissioning organisations we understand what you need to know and when. Our clients tell us that we consistently pre-empt their needs, embedding the design process naturally into their projects.

Housing in Camden that balances viability and design – link
A small project in a complex planning environment

Sustainability is built into all of our processes

From material choices and energy efficiency, to measuring social and economic impacts, we make your projects work for society and the planet.

For large projects we edited TfL’s holistic Sustainable Development Framework – link
At the local scale we co-created this community street garden – link

Our approach is to extend architecture and involve everyone.