Design Principles for TfL Property

Design principles capture the values and vision of an organisation. They set the social and spatial ambitions for projects, and articulate the culture of a team. They are used to create design briefs and assess the quality of projects as they develop.

We co-created these principles with the leadership team of TfL Property. They build on the legacy of Frank Pick and Roland Paoletti to connect to TfL’s outstanding design legacy. They relate directly to delivering housing and mixed use schemes on TfL land, and guide the refurbishment of TfL’s arches and existing buildings.

The principles start with a clear statement that leads into measurable questions and key design deliverables. The illustrations, Gilbert Leung and Axel Feldman, make the design principles accessible and playful.

  • Opening spread for Principle 1
  • Second spread including deliverables
  • Illustration showing an imagined design for a site

To embed them in the wider organisation we curated a series of ‘learning afternoons’. We have also edited and created three other policy documents for TfL Property, their Community Engagement Handbook, the Sustainable Development Framework and their Design Review Protocol.

The graphic design is by Objectif. Download the full document here.

Design principle 1 illustration - Purposeful, generous and curated places
Design Principle 2 illustration - Relate to and strengthen their neighbourhoods
Design Principle 3 illustration - Places that evolve over time
Design Principle 4 illustration- Places that people are proud to live in
Design Principle 5 illustration- Celebrate the qualities of urban living
Design Principle 6 illustration - Founded on transparent engagement and best practices