Tablehurst community farm masterplan

Our first involvement with Tablehurst farm was to co-create a community masterplan for them. Starting with in depth interviews, workshops and engagement session we built a set of principles for a masterplan that brought everyone together around a core objective.

Read more about our engagement process here – link.

The first phase of this project was to design a community cafe – link.

Aerial Axonometric Drawing
An aerial view of the main farm site and buildings
Phases of Workshops
Our process and the project phases
The community at work
The community creating their ideal farms
Drawings of alternative farms
Recordings of the ideal farms from an early workshop
Farm as Community Asset
A conceptual image describing how the farm can be a community asset
The set of principles
The seven principles that were co-created with the community
Site Plan
An illustrative layout of the heart of the farm

Find out more about Tablehurst farm here – link.