We use architecture to build community

Architecture Extended

We apply architectural imagination to build thoughtful, equitable and sustainable places for community focussed clients.

Our clients have a vision. They believe that bringing people together, whether it is around a place, a cause or call to action, will create a better future. They also recognise that realising this is a balancing act. Budgets, risks and programmes need to be managed, whilst putting the needs of a wide community of stakeholders first.

Our directors have held leadership positions for public and private sector organisations delivering and commissioning social architecture in the UK and abroad. This gives us a unique insight into the client role. We understand how an architect, beyond the design process, can truly support you and your projects.

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Who we work with:
Cardiff University – Coed Hills Rural Art Space – Eden Project – Essex Wildlife Trust – Greater London Authority – Greenwich University – Jewish Museum London – London Borough of Camden – RSBP – Tablehurst Farm – Transport for London